Sam van den Nieuwenhof, Findable
A platform which generates 1000s of SEO-ready pages using Findable’s no-code programmatic SEO (pSEO) solution.
Amber Main, LikeMinded
A platform to find like minded experiences and events. Like Minded helps uses make the most out of making friendships, dating, networking, travel and life.
Zenita O'Neill, Mucudu
Mucudu creates personalised experiences, loyalty rewards and behavioural nudging can increase customer acquisition, retention and average spend for hospitality businesses.
Abhijeet Waykar, Lenia Health
Designed to simplify, enhance and integrate clinical imaging workflows to boost productivity and clinician experiences
Tom Grimshaw, VOLI
An all-in-one platform that makes social impact easy, measuring it even easier and rewards you for your efforts.
Pieter Botha, Beta Trends
BetaTrends is a platform which leverages communities to deliver market research.