Founder Lab
Fast paced, on-site program for aspiring startups.
We are a community founders.
Working side by side in a 3 month program.
We embrace your insights, don’t take equity or charge big fees.
On-site. Mission Focused. Shipping Fast.
Benefits from our curated partner list
Office Hours 🕒
Book in weekly coffees/ walks with advisors in product building, capital raising, traction and operations. Find strategies to unlock new heights and break through barriers.
Group accountability 📋
Share bi-weekly progress, challenges and wins in a collaborative and supportive environment.
Group Chat 📞
Join out online collective of founders, to share wins, get advice and give feedback.
$100K in Startup Credits 💰
Get access to credits and discounts on tech platforms used for product building, marketing and ops.
Workshops 🛠️
Learn from experts on topics ranging from SEO, no code tools to Facebook ads strategies.
Demo Day 📽️
Showcase what you’re working on, how much you’ve achieved during the program. You’ll be pitching to public audience of industry partners, investors and founders.
In startup heartland📍
A stones throw away from Mr Yum, Canva, July and Birchal, The Hive is a light filled, open-plan, converted warehouse. The space encourages energy, creativity and collaboration.

In our neighbourhood:
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Upcoming events 📅
Checkout future events we have in the current program. Some events are open for public, including our exciting Demo Day.
Upcoming Events
Spring 2023 Cohort
Mentors here to help you succeed
Lachlan Smith
Co-Founder & CEO of FSC Group. Lachlan has expertise across starting and growing engineering organisations, hiring, attracting & retaining top talent, building brands and managing boards.
Abdul Aziz
Co-founder of Aurora Solutions, Aziz is experienced in creating scalable tech solutions.
Jordi Hermoso
Founder, organic & paid growth expert.
Joe Young
Co founder of Mayfly Ventures, Joe has helped startups and SME’s scale through setting up marketing funnels and go to market strategies.
Rosie de Kruijk, Fanployer
Empowering companies to to attract the best talent. Employer branding, sales & no-code
Josh Sprague, Trove
Aussie first wealth tech platform. Fintech & product leader
Mantas Aleks, COR
Building AI solution for client knowledge management. Growth, strategy & revenue leader
Megan Luttrel, Mployd
Comprehensive, go-to platform for job seeker support. Recruitment, employer branding & digital workforce
No big fees or equity grab


Join the community, access events and stay in the loop.


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Group Chat
Demo Day

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For ambitious founders who make it through the application process.


per month, limited spots*

Everything in Starter, plus
Seat in the office (Usually $650)
Meeting Room Access
Office Hours with mentors
Group Accountability Sessions

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