Founder Lab
Fast paced, on-site program for aspiring AI startups.
We are a community of startup founders.
Working side by side in a 3 month program.
We embrace your insights, don’t take equity or charge big fees.
On-site. Mission Focused. Shipping Fast.
Our Supporting Partners
Mentor Office Hours 🕒
Book in weekly coffees/ walks with advisors in product building, capital raising, traction and operations. Find strategies to unlock new heights and break through barriers.
Group accountability 📋
Share bi-weekly progress, challenges and wins in a collaborative and supportive environment.
Group Chat 📞
Join out online collective of founders, to share wins, get advice and give feedback.
$100K in Startup Credits 💰
Get access to credits and discounts on tech platforms used for product building, marketing and ops.
Workshops 🛠️
Learn from experts on topics ranging from SEO, no code tools to Facebook ads strategies.
Demo Day 📽️
Showcase what you’re working on, how much you’ve achieved during the program. You’ll be pitching to public audience of industry partners, investors and founders.
In startup heartland📍
A stones throw away from Mr Yum, Canva, July and Birchal, The Hive is a light filled, open-plan, converted warehouse. The space encourages energy, creativity and collaboration.

In our neighbourhood:
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Upcoming events 📅
Checkout future events we have in the current program. Some events are open for public, including our exciting Demo Day.
Upcoming Events
Mentors here to help you succeed
Alan Crabbe
Co-/Founder: Birchal, Pozible + Frontcover, expertise in Communities, Crowd-funding and cap raising.
Jess Dahlberg
Founder Scale Up Ready, helping founders scale faster while avoiding burnout
Geo George
Co-founder Mayfly Ventures, scaling no code, B2B sales, product strategy
Emma Park
Taking a strategic lens to branding, partner at Shadowboxer.
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Cohort 1

Hyper-personalised offers and loyalty for hospitality venues.

Cohort 1

Like Minded
Swipe on your favourite events, experiences and landmarks and find people who have similar interests.

Cohort 0

VOLI delivers product and services for causes, businesses and individuals; making social impact easy, measuring it even easier and rewards you for your efforts.

Cohort 0

Helping job seekers navigate their next career move.
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No big fees or equity grab

Check - in Founder

Join us in the office on Thursdays and access all events and benefits.


per month, limited spots

Office Hours with mentors
Group Accountability Sessions
Workshops + Masterclasses
Group Chat
Demo Day

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Full - Time Founder

Full-time founders gain access to a full-time seat in the Founder Lab Office.


per month, limited spots*

Everything in Check-in Founder, plus
Dedicated Seat in the office (Usually $650)
Meeting Room Access

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