Geo George
Co-founder Mayfly Ventures, scaling no code, B2B sales, product strategy
Emma Park
Taking a strategic lens to branding, partner at Shadowboxer.
Mantas Aleks
Ex-Google, collaborated with Nord Security, Wise and Pipedrive. GTM specialist.
Blair Smith
Founder of GoFetch (exited), deep experience in operations and GTM
Jess Dahlberg
Founder Scale Up Ready, helping founders scale faster while avoiding burnout
Arjun Agarwal
Portfolio manager at KPMG High Growth Ventures, Fintech founder, TEDx speaker.
Alan Crabbe
Co-/Founder: Birchal, Pozible + Frontcover, expertise in Communities, Crowd-funding and cap raising.
Julie Bray
Technology strategist and developer with experience from big corporates to early stage startups.
Jordi Hermoso
Founder, organic & paid growth expert.
Ryan Griffin
Founder of Instrand, Ryan has expertise across building software integration, product strategy, product validation and operations.
Chris Pyke
Mayfly Ventures CTO, Chris has experience across full stack and no code app development as well as AI and Machine Learning.
Lachlan Smith
Co-Founder & CEO of FSC Group. Lachlan has expertise across starting and growing engineering organisations, hiring, attracting & retaining top talent, building brands and managing boards.
Joe Young
Co founder of Mayfly Ventures, Joe has helped startups and SME’s scale through setting up marketing funnels and go to market strategies.
Abdul Aziz
Co-founder of Aurora Solutions, Aziz is experienced in creating scalable tech solutions.