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VOLI delivers product and services for causes, businesses and individuals; making social impact easy, measuring it even easier and rewards you for your efforts.




Social Impact


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Companies are under more pressure than ever to do good. Despite being committed to action, their intentions are restricted by low employee uptake and an inability to efficiently and effectively measure CSR/ESG outcomes. Their ability to attract, engage and retain staff and overall brand image, is suffering as a consequence. VOLI brings the worlds impact in a single platform. Bringing all things giving of time, money, items and blood into the one space. Our mobile application connects employees with opportunities based on their skills & interests, measures their impact and rewards them for their efforts. Employee impact data is then fed to a web-app, VOLI Measure, that gives businesses real-time insights into the collective impact of their entire workforce, which can be effortlessly downloaded for Impact Reporting.

Charlie Crozier

Charlie holds extensive experience across both the technology & finance industries. Having worked in small startup teams his entire career, he has formulated a vast array of skillsets across business development, marketing, sales, capital raising & tech.

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